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  • Experience the Intersection of Skincare and Holistic Wellness.

    When you achieve balance in the mind and body, your skin radiates.

    Our Philosophy 


The Ultimate Skin Endurance and Radiance!

Meet the new way to enhance skin resilience, brilliance and wellness. Our skin energizing and strengthening skincare is powered by Stamina®️Complex skin adaptogens, which help our skin adapt to stress. We also cultivate our mind-skin connection and fine tune our skin balance via mindful beauty routine.

Dermatologist-created first Integrative skincare unites cosmetics and wellness. Our goal is to reduce skin stress and vulnerability, extending skin’s longevity and a healthy glow.


  • Our commitment to you is formulating clean, clinical and effective dermocosmetics focused on delivering the best results for the diverse and driven individuals.
  • Our vision is to advance Skin Stamina® via innovative, adaptogenic, and high-performance ingredients, Stamina® Complex.
  • Our mission is to promote Wellness and Stamina through skin affirmation and integrative skincare ritual, Stamina® Synergy.
  • Our intention is to elevate our mood and mindset via mindful, neurocosmetic and multi-functional skin care.