Stamina® Synergy

Stamina® Synergy

Stamina® Synergy is achieved by practicing mindful and meditative skin care ritual with our Uplifting Affirmations while we enjoy the skin wellness benefits.

The mission of Stamina Cosmetics® is to enhance Skin Resilience, Grace and overall Wellness. Stamina® Synergy practice is one way to elevate one for these pillars, Skin Grace. A habitual practice of Stamina® Synergy can lead to a better life balance and a more holistic approach to healthy lifestyle.

Stamina® Synergy is where we combine the therapeutic benefits of our cosmetic ingredients with enjoyable, sensual and guided meditation practice during the skin care application. 

Our founder, Dr. MBK guides us with this pleasant and relaxing self-care routine as we apply each of Stamina Cosmetics® skin care products. During this integrative skin care moment, we are learning to be:

  1. Mindful about the sensual and savoring nature of our skin care ingredients, as well as their health and beauty benefits. 
  2. Embrace this serene meditative experience to decompress from hectic life’s stresses. 
  3. Reconnect our mind-body-skin to uplift our stamina and well-being.

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