Our Brand Story

  • Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik founder of Stamina Cosmetics
  • After witnessing the global pandemic's impact on skin health in 2020, our founder, Dr. MBK, realized that external and internal stressors could affect more than just appearance, but also mental and emotional well-being. This eye-opening experience served as her catalyst to venture into integrative dermatology and skincare development, aiming to amplify skin resilience, brilliance and wellness. Combining her expertise in traditional dermatology with a comprehensive approach that considers  healthier lifestyle alterations, she created Adaptogenic and Integrative skincare through Stamina® Cosmetics.

  • Stamina® Cosmetics is infused with a blend of skin adaptogens, Stamina® Complex, stress-resistant ingredients which protect, equilibrate and revitalize our skin. We cultivate wellness and stamina through integrative skincare ritual:  mindful, affirmation-based, meditative, anchored in gratitude, visualization and breathwork while applying Stamina® Cosmetics, with the intention to elevate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Stamina!

    Stamina® Cosmetics is created to uplift Stamina, to take us from burnout to enduringly victorious by functioning as stress-supporting skin care and enhancing our skin stamina glow and wellness, overall.

About Dr. MBK

Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, aka Dr. MBK, is a board-certified Integrative Dermatologist and co-founder of Precision Skin Institute®️, where she provides comprehensive, cutting-edge and compassionate dermatology care.  As a cosmetic and medical skin expert, Dr. MBK’s leading skin-care advice is regularly featured on the news and beauty magazines. Dr. MBK is an expert in adaptogenic and integrative skin care. She is passionate about education, innovation, and inspiring wellness and cultivating stamina through skin care. In addition, Dr. MBK is a creator of Stamina® Cosmetics, our skincare line committed to improving skin resilience and brilliance while bringing skincare and wellness together for stamina synergy. She has hand selected every ingredient in our product lineup to help you have your best skin ever!

  • Dr. MBK’s Integrative Approach to Dermatology

    Integrative Dermatology

    Integrative dermatology is a combination of traditional dermatology, complimentary medicine merged with healthy life-style practices and eco-consciously crafted products that result in increased Stamina and Wellness on skin and in life!

    • Approaches dermatology from a more holistic perspective, with the goal of providing my patients with more meaningful & comprehensive care.
    • Leads with innovation of Integrative Skincare through mindfulness practices and conscious product use.
    • Embraces self-accountability for wellness-centered skincare and intentional product choices.
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