Stamina Cosmetics by DR MBK was inspired during the challenging year of 2020. During this year we have all experienced difficulties and disharmony in our lives. That also includes our overall health and in particular, our skin health. Skin problems also affect our appearance and confidence, which influence our general well-being.  

Early during the Covid-19 pandemic, I have noticed many of my patients suffering with maskne and how it negatively impacted their quality of life. In my dermatology clinic, I have realized that there is a safe and effective ingredient, hypochlorous acid, that can be used to improve maskne. At that point I decided to develop an accessible skincare line that can overcome this challenging skin condition, Stamina Cosmetics. This cosmetic line is envisioned to help with skin resilience. 

As I developed Stamina, I also realized how much this year disrupted our inner mind-body connection. My goal with Stamina Cosmetics is to provide inspiring affirmations to remind us to maintain grit and re-establish the very fragile mind-body relationship. I really hope that with Stamina’s creation, we can come closer to life’s health and beauty balance.

About Dr. MBK

Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, aka Dr. MBK is a board-certified Dermatologist and co-founder of Precision Skin Institute.  As a cosmetic expert, Dr. MBK’s leading skin-care advice is regularly featured on the news and beauty magazines. Dr. MBK is an expert in treating Maskne and other forms of challenged, problematic, or tired skin. As recently seen in New Beauty, Dr. MBK highlights that friction, humidity, and microbe imbalances from our masks have contributed to one of the top conditions seen by dermatologists this year, Maskne. Mental stress also leads to various skin exacerbations. Treating stressed-out, sensitive skin and maskne is important to Dr. MBK because she strongly believes in feeling and being our best. She has hand selected every ingredient in our product lineup to help you have your best skin ever!