Strong Skin Barrier is the Key to Skin Stamina.

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What is the skin barrier?

The skin is composed of three main layers. The outermost layer is dead-like shedding corneocytes interlaced with strong waterproof keratin fibers, similar to a brick & mortar structure and crucial for our skin barrier function. The middle portion of the skin is a dermal layer that contains structural proteins such as collagen, elastin, and sugars such as hyaluronic acid. These give our skin suppleness, firmness, elasticity, and plumpness. The dermal layer is also an important conduit of our body-skin hormonal, neurological, immune, and circulatory interactions. The subcutis is the lowest layer of the skin giving it foundational support and cushion being composed mostly of fat cells and connective tissue.

What is the skin barrier’s main function?

The most essential function of our skin is to provide a balanced skin barrier. The outer layer of our skin serves a role of an armor. It keeps the body offenders out such as irritants and harmful microbes and sustains a steady pH and microflora equilibrium while preserving the body's water content. 

Why is having a healthy skin barrier important?

A well-functioning skin barrier translates to best skin resilience. There are many daily culprits that stress the skin: hormonal fluctuations, mental and emotional reactions, lifestyle transitions such as climate and sleep alterations, environmental pollution, ultraviolet damage, high intensity visible lights, infrared radiation, nutritional toxins, topical aggressors such as mask-related friction or unclean cosmetics, etc. These pressures can compromise the protective physiology of the skin. This manifests as irritated, dry, flaky, rough, and red skin with more frequent breakouts and blemishes. 

How does disruption of skin barrier affect our health?

The impact of the disturbed skin barrier is sensational discomfort such as stinging, burning, itching and that affects our quality of life. The secondary influence is the unhealthy appearance of the skin with blotchy, uneven tone and texture which is detrimental to our self-image. A healthy & radiant skin vibrancy is crucial for our positive self-perception. Hence when we look great, we feel great, and vice-versa. 

How can we nurture our skin barrier?

A healthy skin barrier is best cultivated by reducing the above culprits and reinforcing skin resilience. Our skin’s strength and endurance arise from the outside nourishment by applying this #skinstamina recipe: 


  1. Stamina Cosmetics® are an excellent source of skin resilience that transforms to skin brilliance. The daytime Stamina Mist contains the hypochlorous acid, a powerful and delicate adaptogen with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and skin barrier healing effects. The Stamina Sleeping Serum is the hypochlorous acid embedded in gel-clay which fortifies our skin barrier, diminishing maskne, acne, folliculitis breakouts and making our skin soft, smooth and refreshed overnight. The Stamina Blemish Remedy MPP clay mask renews our superficial layer with gentle glycolic acid and restores the skin barrier with hydrating botanical oils. 
  2. Skin barrier also thrives by nourishing it from inside out. Follow our #doseofstamina IG pearls to learn about a variety of healthy lifestyle habits that lead to skin and overall wellness. 
  3. In addition, our Stamina Cosmetics® products’ uplifting affirmations with integrative skin care practice will enhance the mental stamina while enjoying the mindful experience of skin care ritual. You got this! 


Are you ready to renew, reset, and restore your skin barrier and attain that beautiful #staminaglow? Then Stamina Cosmetics® are your match!

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