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This enduring skin Stamina Duo is the ultimate skin breakouts and blemish solution based on the dual power of Hypochlorous Acid, a potent skin adaptogen.

Whether it is acne breakouts, or stressed-out or tired skin, this dynamic duo can help your skin at the source of vulnerability be it from internal or external skin aggressors. Coupling the STAMINA Mist and the STAMINA Serum, this is the best breakouts fighting treatment combo. 

Create a strong skin-mind connection through our integrative skin care ritual, Stamina®️ Synergy with positive skin affirmations on every bottle.

Key Skin Benefits

  • Improves skin breakouts and balances skin microbes and pH
  • Reduces appearance of enlarged pores and impurities
  • Filters rough and dull complexion for a more youthful skin.
  • Soothes skin redness and skin irritations
  • Smoothes Chicken skin or Strawberry Skin (Keratosis Pilaris, KP) 
  • Protects skin barrier and calms skin inflammation
  • Preps and primes other skin-care and make-up 
  • Improves blemishes and overall skin radiance
  • Elevate your skin care to more of a wellness journey through our holistic skin ritual

How to Use

  • Spray Mist on the skin as needed throughout the day to help calm, soothe, and heal blemished areas.
  • Apply Serum to cleansed and toned skin before sleep or twice a day for severe breakouts.
  • Other topical serums and moisturizers, such as Stamina Intention Moisturizer, may be applied once the Serum is completely absorbed.
  • Please avoid spraying directly into the eye areas.


Stamina Mist

  • Electrolyzed water
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCL 0.02%)

Stamina Serum

  • Electrolyzed oxygenated water
  • Gel-clay (Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate)
  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCL 0.015%)
  • Sodium Chloride

Ritual Guidance

Click here to follow-along with our Stamina Ritual.

  • Cleanse face, neck and décolletage with your favorite cleanser
  • Spray your skin with refreshing Stamina Mist
  • Then apply three pumps of Stamina Serum in affected skin areas and gently massage it in, carefully avoiding the eye area.
  • While applying, enjoy the refreshing aroma and texture of these spray mist and gel-serum Duo.
  • Slowly Breathe In and Out to reach relaxation.
  • Continue 3-5 cycles of this Rhythmic Deep Breathing
  • State the Duo affirmations softly, “You Got This and Defy The Odds,” as you look at your-self in the mirror.
  • Visualize the positive shift of your self-perspective.
  • Repeat affirmation two more times.
  • At the end of your mindful skin care session, reflect on any uplifting thoughts and/or feelings and/or sensations that have arisen for you.
  • Express Gratitude, Namaste.


Who is this system for? This system is great for all skin types, but is specifically formulated for skin experiencing sensitivies, breakouts, and maskne.

Is it safe to use these products together daily? Yes, these are soothing, hydrating products that will restore and promote skin's homeostasis.

How long does the Duo take to work? Stamina Duo’s key ingredient and skin adaptogen, Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), works upon contact. HOCL oxidizes blemish-causing bacteria associated with breakouts of all types, while helping balance and reinforce the skin barrier, so redness is reduced and skin starts to heal and glow. Optimal results are seen after consistent use for 4-6 weeks.

Can I combine the Duo  with other skin care and cosmetics? Yes, Stamina Duo is designed to layer well with the other skin care products, energizing their performance and longevity. For instance, they prep the skin for the Stamina Intention Moisturizer and/or make-up application.

Is the Duo made for all skin types? Yes the Stamina Duo is helpful in all skin types, dry and oily, pigmented and reactive, and especially vulnerable skin type seeking skin stamina.

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  • Clinical Report for Intention Moisturizer

    Based on 30 day consumer study at Precision Skin Institute, a dermatology clinic, 39 female subjects, ages 16-65 after twice daily use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dana K.
Must have mists!

These are my favorite of the products from Stamina. I suffered from breakouts from wearing masks and I became obsessed with the mist! Now I use both the mist and serum to keep my skin clear. Over the summer these were my go to! I highly recommend both of these! Perfect for travel and on the go use too!

Skyler B
So Simple and it works

I’m not into complicated skin care regiments so I was so glad to use just these two products and see a nice difference in my skin. This set is simple, easy and it works. Just spray and go.

Nice and Clear

My skin was going through stress flares of breakouts and I was recommended to use Stamina Mist throughout the day and Stamina Serum morning and night. In few weeks, my skin looks nice and more clear and I keep using the products because they maintain my bright complexion. I like them, they are nice feeling and easy to use.

Arlene T
What a skin saving combo!

As directed by my dermatologist, I used the spray throughout the day and serum at night and my breakouts and blemishes started fading in a couple of weeks. Now it’s my to go to whenever my skin acts out.

Michelle Tashjian
Wellness and Amazing Skin!

What I love about Dr. MBK is her positivity and willingness to inspire her patients to live happy and healthy lives. The way we live has such an impact on not only how we feel but also look. My skin routine is something that I incorporate into my daily life in addition to my physical activity. I’m originally from Southern California, and moving to South Florida was definitely a transition, especially for my skin. I was never one to “break out,” until I moved to Florida. I was frustrated due to the appearance of my skin and also handling all the other new transitions. However, mindset and wellness has become a huge part of helping my acne improve in addition to skin care products. I think that is important to consider. Within my skin routine, I have been using the calming mist during the day and the sleeping serum at night time for the past couple months. My skin feels refreshed, and I’ve noticed an improvement also in my post inflammatory pigmentation! Also there’s motivational quotes on each bottle to inspire me to be the best version of myself, always brings me joy. I highly recommend incorporating these products into your routine, I absolutely love them, and love Dr. MBK’s approach to looking at dermatology through a holistic lens!

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