Our Philosophy

Dr. MBK wholeheartedly believes that achieving balance in the mind and body shows on our skin. To achieve this, these are the 5 pillars of our brand:

#1: Founded and formulated by a board-certified, integrative Dermatologist. 

#2: STAMINA: All things strength and resilience. We created STAMINA Cosmetics as a daily reminder of our personal strength, and holistic well-being.

#3 Clean Beauty: Only the ingredients you need, nothing you don't. We will always be clean. 

#4: Unique, high-efficacy, active adaptogenic ingredients and unique formulations. You can love your products just as much as you love how they work.

#5: Inclusive: These products are for all genders, orientations, skin of all colors, and for everyone who wants to achieve balance and their best skin ever.