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MPP stands for mask-peel-polish! That is exactly what this sumptuous treatment will do, with visible results after the first use.

This therapeutic mask instantly helps reduce blemishes as consequences of skin breakouts and irritations, and to smooth and brighten skin. Our mask is clean and universal! It helps to promote grit and grace for stressed-out skin, challenged or problematic skin, sensitive skin, transitional or imbalanced skin, and maskne.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Fusion of natural adaptogens 
  • Proprietary botanical extract blend
  • Proprietary blend of exfoliating berry seeds

These ingredients work synergistically to mask-hydrate with botanical oils, polish with berry seeds to exfoliate away the dead, surface cells and unclog pores that cause dullness and contribute to acne breakouts. The glycolic acid peel will brighten skin and alleviate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, aka blemishes. 

Reactive skin can sometimes cause rough texture to skin. This mask, when used consistently, will improve rough, uneven texture for a more uniform appearance. Did we mention that it smells like blueberries?

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates and smoothes rough skin texture 
  • Instantly brightens and softens skin
  • Reestablished healthy skin barrier 
  • Helps reduce the signs of blemishes and PIH
  • Pore purifying, decongesting, tightening
  • Improves skin dryness and clarifies complexion
  • Gradually enhances skin tone and texture 
  • Smoothes Chicken Skin aka keratosis pilaris
  • Promotes youthful appearance of the skin

Stamina Synergy is achieved by practicing mindful skin care ritual with our Uplifting Affirmations while you enjoy the skin wellness benefits. "Glow With the Flow"

    Directions For Use:

    Apply and massage a thin veil to clean, dry skin 2 times per week for 15-30 minutes, or as needed to instantly brighten, hydrate and smooth your skin.

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