Balanced Skin: The Hidden Key To Skin Glow


Skin balance is a worthwhile pursuits, even though most of us realize it’s a dynamic process. Nature leaves us clues and science reveals the evidence that life in moderation and harmony is more fulfilling. Let’s explore some ways we can tune our skin cadence, bringing us closer to skin resilience, brilliance and overall well-being. 

As a proponent of this life-balance philosophy and an integrative dermatologist, I apply its valuable principles to skin health and beauty. The well-being of our skin depends on multiple intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Natural aging due to genetics, medical conditions, hormonal influences and other intrinsic skin stressors from metabolic and inflammatory disarray. 

The extrinsic factors include sun damage (ultraviolet radiation), environmental pollution, nutrition, lifestyle influences, medications, personal care ingredients, irritating mask-wearing, etc are potential skin aggressors resulting in skin issues, fragility, reactivity and aging. So how do we prevent the process of skin problems, delay skin aging, and extend the longevity of radiant youthful skin?

A healthy and vibrant skin glow is determined by the equilibrium of the skin's hydration, pH and microfolora level which translate to ideal skin barrier’s protective function. As the external and internal effects change, the homeostasis and wellness of the skin respond accordingly. A reflection of ideal skin wellness is a clear, smooth, and radiant complexion. 

Therefore, healthy skin is a balanced skin. The more we stress our skin with various offenders, such as sun damage or overuse of harsh skin products or unavoidable use of PPE mask, the more we notice its vulnerability in skin stress and imbalance symptoms of breakouts, blemishes and irritations. 

So protecting, equilibrating and revitalize skin outside in with active and clean skin care ingredients, such as skin adaptogens, to offset the skin stress, can enhance skin stamina and skin wellness. The blend of such skin balancing adaptogens can be found in our Stamina MPP Mask and Stamina Intention Moisturizer.

Daily sun protection, moderate cosmetics use, mindful skincare routine, and holistically healthy life style can improve our skin’s balance and stamina. The negative emotional state and over-indulgence in various culprits of unhealthy lifestyle can lead to frustrated skin. So moderating the skin aggressors and implementing more holistic nourishing of our skin inside out also contributes to our skin’s health span.

Our mind-skin interrelationship pivots on a balanced and healthy well-being. This wellness jumpstart can be a daily meditative skin care ritual with favorite skin care products containing botanical skin adaptogens combined with breathwork, mindful sensorial experience, skin affirmations like “Glow With The Flow”, and ultimate self-care gratification encompasses the integrative skin care we term, Stamina Synergy. Enjoy and Be Well!

A regular fulfillment of healthy nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and gratitude can better our skin’s appearance, stamina, wellness and our overall quality of life.

Be Well 🙏,

Stamina Cosmetics Team