Skin Senescence and Skin Well Aging

Skin Senescence and Skin Well Aging

If you are a skin and wellness enthusiast, you may wander about the new scientific terms around skin aging, such as skin senescence. So we are here to clarify what that means and why it matters for our skin balance and overall wellness. 

There are many reasons for skin aging and we are all seeking that fountain of youth to delay the process. Intrinsic aging is due to natural biological, genetic, and hormonal aging. Meanwhile, the extrinsic aging is due to sun damage, smoking, pollution, other oxidative stress, emotional stress, and other environmental aggressors which causes inflammaging.

Skin cell senescence is due to a combination of internal and external skin stressors which accelerate skin aging. When the skin cell undergoes extreme stress, it can become malfunctional, its energy levels, performance and growth functions are halted and it becomes a “zombie cell” which releases many pro-inflammatory factors in its surrounding to infect other nearby cells. That leads to a cascade of chaotic cells, translating to premature skin aging. This presents as more dull, sallow and uneven complexion, skin roughness, dryness and uneven texture and loss of skin elasticity. 

So how do we preserve our youthful skin appearance and prolong skin stamina? Here are some tips on enduring skin radiance:

  1. Minimize the skin stressors by embracing healthier lifestyle: balanced sleep, rest, nutrition, and mindfulness. If interested to learn more about skin stamina, check out our weekly Dose of Stamina newsletter and our #DoseofStamina IGlives. 
  2. Consider adding skin adaptogens to your skin care routine, which help your skin to adapt to stress, and taming those senescent skin cells. Our Stamina® Complex is a blend of protective, balancing and revitalizing skin adaptogens such as Curcumin, Resveratrol, Cordyceps mushrooms and more nature’s strengthening skin goodness.
  3. Unite skin care and wellness via mindful skin care ritual to uplift skin resilience, brilliance and overall wellness via Stamina®️Synergy

If longer lasting skin’s health-span is what we seek, then nurturing our skin-wellness relationship is the optimal way to find it.

Be Well,


Founder of Stamina Cosmetics