How to Tweak Your Summer Skincare to Uplift Skin & Stamina

How to Tweak Your Summer Skincare to Uplift Skin & Stamina

Recently I was given the amazing opportunity to be a guest on Feel Well Magazine’s Instagram Live to share knowledge about skincare and wellness, as we all embrace these hot dog days of summer. For many of us, we envision tanned, smooth, and glowing summer skin, but the reality is that keeping beautiful skin in this scorching and humid season is tough! We want to feel our best selves, but there are factors like sweat and sunburn to consider when putting together our summer skincare routine.

Feel Well and I discussed small and smart changes that can significantly help our skin, mood, mindset, stamina and overall wellness this summer. Let's journey along this Q&A.

Living Well: Do you think we should even attempt to wear makeup in the summer?

The choice to wear makeup is always a personal preference, but there are some minor changes and tips I recommend that can dramatically change how your skin reacts and looks in the high heat and humid days:

  • Type of Makeup
    • Rather than asking ‘how much makeup can I wear,’ the more important question is ‘what type should I wear.’
    • Certain types of complexion makeup such as foundation can be heavy and an important skin stresser in the summer. These heavier products can cause clogging of the pores, breakouts, and blemishes. When the humidity increases, so does our oil production and in that effect our skin is not happy when it’s being caked on with makeup.
    • An easy trade-off during the hot months is to switch to a lighter weight, oil-free, non-comedogenic foundation like Neutrogena and Saie, or consider switching to a lightweight tinted sunscreen (consider Elta Clear, Suppergoop CC cream).
    • The above goes for your skin routine, as well, in that you should never over care your skin care. Skin care is popular and trendy now and trying a variety of cosmetics is fun and pleasurable for self care. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so moderate.
    • Sometimes we tend to layer as many skin care products as we possibly can, thinking that we are doing the skin good, but we may be causing a paradoxical effect, possibly leading to skin redness, flaking, blotchiness, aka irritation and more breakouts and blemishes.
    • Should your skin react with irritation or congestion from humidity and heat skin aggressors, check out our Stamina Breakouts Fighting Duo for the best summer skin solution.

Feel Well: My skin is the best it’s been in a long time. Could this be because of my lifestyle choices?

The way that our skin reacts and looks is a combination of reasons that formulate our entire lifestyle. The only factor that is different for us all is that we have different vulnerabilities with our skin and our bodies. For example, some people can have eczema on their hands but not their face because the hands’ skin is more vulnerable. Ultimately, it’s all in the way that you take care of your skin. Our skin is a mirror of how we’re doing reflection but also how healthy you are.

  • How to be more proactive in choosing a healthy lifestyle
    • Incorporate healthy nutrition and fitness into your daily routine.
    • Summer can be a hectic season because of inconsistency of routine, lots of travel and weekend celebrations and getaways. Yet as we flow through these life candaces, our healthy life habits anchor our skin cadence, stamina and wellness.
    • So, create more of a life balance in managing the stress in your life with mindfulness, such as integrative skin care routine, such as our recommended, Stamina Synergy.
    • As the global temperatures rise with recent intense heat waves, we also need to consider our contribution to the environmental aspect of wellness and do our part to restore health to our planet Earth for our interconnected longevity. Our way is through recyclable, minimal and environmentally-friendly packaging as well as clean ingredients at Stamina Cosmetics.

Feel Well: For those of us down here in Florida, we love the beach. Any beach tips you can provide us with when it comes to caring for our skin?

At Stamina Cosmetics we believe in the benefits of going to the beach for mindfulness, but we do recommend that you take precautions and be strategic in how you plan your beach day to get mental beach therapy. When going to the beach, midday in the summer, the UV index tends to be high (5+), which is very harmful radiation for our skin. It can cause skin cancer and sunburn in any skin type, along with expedite aging of the skin, sunspots, loose skin, wrinkles, discoloration, and a rough skin complexion.

  • How can I make little changes to my beach day to protect my skin?
    • The usual heat/sun peak time is mid-day (approximately 10am to 3pm), so try and go to the beach earlier or in the late afternoon to avoid the direct rays.
    • Use a lightweight, not greasy, sunscreen and generously apply. Don’t forget that sunscreen only lasts 11/2 hours, so you must reapply and be generous. Many people forget the reapplication aspect especially when they’re in and out of the water.
    • Aside from sunscreen applications on the skin, you can also help yourself by remembering to wear a hat, sunglasses, and even UV protected clothing like Coolibar or Columbia.
    • Drink, drink, drink! And we don’t mean cocktails on the beach! Water is a key component to beautiful skin – it must stay hydrated to reflect supple dewy skin glow! You can even boost protection and radiance by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables daily, which have high levels of antioxidants. These crucial nutrients of Vitamina C are what our bodies truly need to fight oxidative stress and stay stronger, including our skin.
    • Another useful tool to pack in your beach bag is the Stamina Calming Mist, which purifies and decongests your pores and can calm sunburned skin, while refreshing that skin stamina.

Feel Well: We noticed that your products have minimal ingredients in them. Why was this important to you as you created Stamina Cosmetics?

Our team was very strategic from the beginning of the process to create a skincare line that was very focused on keeping the skin healthy, radiant, and resilient no matter what internal or external life challenges our skin endures. In order to get to this outcome, we had to be more proactive and really tap into the power of clean skin adaptogens, aka superfoods for our skin. The brand name ‘STAMINA’ comes from the goal to keep the skin more gritty, graceful and more sustainable long-term, and to be applicable to all skin types. The ingredients that you find in our products can help reduce inflammation, acne, and energize tired and fragile skin, and are foundational skin longevity and wellness.

Summer can be a blessing to our souls, but a bane to our skin with its heat, humidity, and sunshine. Although we don’t recommend you completely overhaul your skincare routine, we hope that you take these skin pearls above into consideration so that your skin can thrive, even in the hot environment. Follow us at healthy #DoseofStamina @staminacosmetics for more tips and advice on a journey to well-adopted skin and holistic health.


Be Well,

Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik,

Founder & CEO of Stamina® Cosmetics