Breathe Your Way to Better Skin

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Just breathe – a saying we often hear, but do we really think about the actual action? Breath is the most effective tool for changing your physical, emotional, and mental state. When we pay attention to our breath, we are producing an act of self-inquiry where you can invite yourself directly into your body.  


How can you breathe to create better skin and skin stamina?

  • Start When You Wake UP
Jump start your blood circulation as soon as you wake up in the morning. Here’s how:
    • Sit up in a comfortable position and inhale through the nose deeply.
    • Exhale through the mouth slowly and repeat five times.
    • The act of breathing will signal to the brain that your body needs to activate, and your heart rate will regulate, while your mind will become more clear.
  • Deep Rhythmic Breathing

Used as a way to boost energy, deep breathing is first and foremost a way to eliminate excess carbon dioxide from the body, provide a rich supply of oxygen to the blood, and invigorate cells and tissues in the balanced way. This diaphragmatic breathing activates vagus nerve which is integral for parasympathetic aka “relaxing” portion of nervous system. Coherent slow and deep breathing helps to de-stress and concentrate. This practice also improves circulation which reduces the effects of stress on the skin and cortisol-induced breakouts. You can practice deep breathing anywhere such as outside your office in between meetings, or more commonly known to be used during yoga. 

  • End Your Day with Breathwork

In the evenings you should aim to soothe your nervous system and prepare the body for restorative sleep to avoid dull skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Follow this easy routine to let your brain know that things are more calm and peaceful than just a few minutes prior. 

    • Lie down and inhale and exhale through the nose only, as nasal breathing gives lungs more time to extract a greater amount of oxygen. 
    • Make the exhale two counts longer than the inhale and repeat 5 to 10 minutes, or until you feel relaxed. 
  • Breathe During What is Joyful for YOU!

Sometimes breathwork is as simple as being done during an activity that brings you joy. Think about your daily activities, is it possible to fit breathwork into some of those every-day habits?

    • Sipping your morning coffee 
    • Walking your dog
    • Yoga class @spokenwordyoga 
    • Touching your breathing bracelet to feel centered @1.breathatatime 
    • Watering or gardening plants  
    • Mindfully sharing grace with family over dinner
    • Applying daily mindful skin care, Stamina Synergy with our adaptogenic Stamina Complex Cosmetics 
    • Meeting with your supportive tribe and community @integrativedermatologysymposium 
    • Guided meditation in the car to reduce traffic frustration 
    • Taking a pause when things feel like they are spinning out of control with overwhelm & stress, especially at work
    • When you need to face a fearful and/or hard situation and need a dose of stamina  
    • Taking a quick pause to reflect before you react with loved ones
    • Parenting wisdom to calm a child
    • Relaxing, self-care bubble bath after a long day
    • And so many more moments of stillness for overall wellness, just let your imagination and BREATHE guide you!
4 Benefits of Deep, Diaphragmatic Breathing: 
    • Reduces stress and stressed skin to enhance skin brilliance
    • Helps you work through physical pain.
    • Dose of Stamina for skin wellness.
    • Other wellness benefits of habitual breath breaks are numerous, including improving mental health (reducing anxiety and depression), lowering blood pressure, and increasing concentration (Go mental stamina!).

We encourage you to try these breathing habits and work your way towards a healthier skin journey. Prolonged stress, especially the kind rooted in our psyche, is the most damaging to our skin which can make our skin vulnerable, irritated, with breakouts and blemishes. If healthy and youthful complexion is what you seek, a BREATH may be your gateway to clear skin.  

POV: Stamina Synergy with our Intention Moisturizer

  • Cleanse face, neck and décolletage with your favorite cleanser
  • Apply three pumps of Stamina Intention Moisturizer in hands
  • Rub together in hands to warm product
  • Bring hands to face and Breathe IN on the count of three (1-2-3)
  • Slowly Breathe Out on the count of five (1-2-3-4-5)
  • Continue 3-5 Deep Breathing as you are applying Intention Moisturizer
  • Starting at top of forehead, gently massage and smooth it on face, neck, and décolletage in a heart shape motion
  • While applying enjoy the refreshing aroma and texture of this skin moisturizer
  • State your affirmation softly, “Where Intention Goes, Healthy Skin Glows,” as you look at your-self in the mirror. Visualize the positive shift of your self-perspective
  • Repeat affirmation two more times
  • At the end of your mindful skin care session, reflect on any uplifting thoughts and/or feelings and/or sensations that have arisen for you. 
  • Express Gratitude, Namaste 🙏

Stamina Synergy

Here are few more resources on the health benefits of breathwork and different techniques.  

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Be Well,


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