4 Ways to get a Stressless Skin Glow for the Holidays

4 Ways to get a Stressless Skin Glow for the Holidays

Stress is common in general, yet it gets heightened around the Holiday Season. At Stamina®️Cosmetics, we get it! The hectic work, school, personal schedules and impending deadlines strain our skin balance and wellness. This pressure may negatively affect the health and beauty of our skin by creating skin stress. So if the Holiday Skin Radiance ✨ is what we seek, let’s amplify skin resilience, brilliance, and wellness.

Our best stress-coping skin care, Stamina Cosmetics, is determined to amplify our skin stamina no matter what stresses come our way.

How do we get that skin glow?

  1. Apply Potent Plant-Based Skin Adaptogens - stress-coping skin care ingredients blend, Stamina®️Complex, helps to protect, enhance skin balance and revitalize skin glow. These can be natural botanicals such as Curcumin, Cordyceps mushrooms, and Aloe, or clean adaptogenic synthetics, Hypochlorous Acid and Niacinamide. Learn more about the powerful skin adaptogens found in our Stamina Complex.

  2. Practice Integrative Skincare, aka Stamina®️Synergy - promoting mindful, affirmation-based, and fulfilling skin care ritual. Yes you can multitask skin care and wellness and feel great about it! We offer integrative skincare for the overachievers, because surface level was never really our thing. If skin care is your thing, like ours, try to incorporate mindfulness in your skin care routine to unwind the stress. See more on our Stamina®️Synergy blog. 

  3. Check out our Skin Hero, Stamina Intention Moisturizer via skin adaptogens which protect, equilibrate and revitalize skin. It provides hydrating, brightening and skin longevity benefits. “Where intention goes, healthy skin glows” an affirmation found on every moisturizer bottle, prompts us to value our mind-skin connection. When we apply this balancing moisturizer with intention to better our relationship with ourselves as part of a joyful & healthy Dose of Stamina micro moment, we actively participate in self-care as a meaningful stress-reducing activity, to better our skin and our wellbeing.

  4. Reflection is the path to Resiliency -  when we take a moment to pause and reflect, we become conscious of what does and does not serve us well. This self-awareness is the first step to light the way toward holistic health. Let’s not wait until the New Year's Resolution, let’s assess which one habit we can take away which is harmful and start another helpful habit, embarking on the road to looking and feeling better today. This way, we can share the better versions of ourselves with our loved ones and engage better with our community during the celebrations. Learn more about our philosophy on Stamina, wellness and skin care union.

Are we ready to meet the challenges of the Holidays Season’s overwhelm, fatigue and skin vulnerability, aka breakouts, blemishes and irritations? Let’s build skin and overall stamina through Stamina Cosmetic’s adaptogenic and integrative skin care and achieve that #StaminaGlow!

Be Well and Happy Holidays,

Dr. MBK @dermwithstamina

Founder of Stamina®️Cosmetics