Why is Stamina Meaningful in Skin Care?

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What does Stamina mean to us @staminacosmetics?

In case you were wondering why we incorporated Stamina in our cosmetic company’s name, here are our clarifications…

To us, Stamina means courage, strength and endurance to withstand significant physical and psychological challenges with grace. 

Stamina is a Latin-derived word meaning threads of life spun by Fates. So are we fated to have Stamina or there are certain practices that can enhance our Stamina? Whether it’s destiny or us, these threads are interlaced. 

What is the value of Stamina?

Resilience, grit and grace synergized in Stamina focuses on wellness, optimism and better quality of life. Tapping into different sources of Stamina that can help us overcome a variety of life’s stresses, turbulences, uncertainty and discomfort is impactful. By regularly integrating these healthy #doseofstamina rituals, we build our armor against pressures of life. These habits also serve us well by cultivating fulfillment that translates to happier and healthier living. Stamina helps us cope and live more functional, balanced and purposeful lives. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky simply put, “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

What are ways to promote Stamina?

A range of micromoments and habits throughout our lives can promote Stamina. Stamina is trainable and attainable via a holistic path. Integration of healthy lifestyle, traditional and alternative medicine, and uplifting rituals that “spark joy” into our lives translate into a higher Stamina Power. Integrative skin-care practice can be one of these positive rituals that can boost our skin balance, skin stamina and overall Stamina. This is how we unite skin care and wellness. Mindfulness with affirmations is another Stamina-enhancing practice. A Regular use of Stamina Cosmetics® products can nurture both of these practices. Listen-up on #doseofstamina IGLives for more Stamina tips. Here are some other resiliency resources

So what does Stamina have to do with Cosmetics?

Our Founder, Dr. MBK, aka #dermwithstamina, a dermatologist, created a skin-care that can help with skin resilience and skin brilliance via innovative, clean, safe, effective, and inclusive skin-care ingredients. Our skin often faces many environmental, hereditary, lifestyle and hormonal stressors. Stamina Cosmetics® is designed to fortify skin resilience to withstand these slew of challenges and transform skin’s health and beauty. Counteracting skin stress and advancing Skin Stamina is our primary mission. The other main mission of Stamina Cosmetics® is stimulating a holistic approach to skin wellness, because looking and feeling our best are interconnected. As the skin quality deteriorates, so does our mental, emotional and physical well-being, and vice-versa. Since our mind-body-skin are interconnected, the integrative skin-care routine that encourages mindful practice with uplifting affirmations, is our guide to #skinstamina and overall wellness. We call this Stamina Synergy.

If you want to learn more about our Stamina Cosmetics Why Story, please click here.

We Hope that Stamina Cosmetics® can elevate your Stamina! 

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