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Transitional Skin: 4 Tricks To Help Our Skin Adapt Throughout Life!

As the fall and winter seasonal changes arrive, our skin feels it first. We feel the cooler and drier climate, and our skin appears blotchy, duller, and rougher. This is when we need some extra skin nourishment to help with seamless adjustment. As the stressful high productivity and holidays melodrama season arrives, more than ever, our Stamina is critically necessary.

Our Bodies constantly encounter the Ebbs and Flows of Life. There are the external influences such as seasonal shifts, circadian rhythm fluctuations, and global travel turbulence. On the other hand, our bodies’ internal rhythms of hormonal cycles, immune system waves, and neurological vibrations constantly communicate with interconnecting signals. Sometimes we adjust to these changes smoothly, while other times, our skin grit needs some uplifting help. 

These 4Rs are my coping tips to help our skin balance to adjust to Life’s Transitions for more resilient and radiant skin: Renew, Reset, Restore, and Resilience.


Renewing your skin via gentle exfoliation is a key to improving skin smoothness and brightness. Exfoliation can be mechanical through scrubs, microbeads, brushes, dermaplaning ( Skin Ceutical Microexfoliating Scrub) , or via chemical ingredients such as Vitamin A-derived retinoids (e.g., Skin Better Alpha Ret), or Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids (Glytone Enhance Brightening Cleansing Powder). Their benefit is that they help to stimulate skin cell turnover and therefore shed the dead, dry, uneven, blemished skin. These are also excellent decongestants, helping to unclog the pores and reduce sebum, aka oil production, reducing acne, maskne and shrinking those pesky pores. So whether we have some pigmentation from the sun damage, hormonal melasma, our acne breaks post-inflammatory discoloration, exfoliators help us improve our skin health and beauty. Slow and steady wins the race, though with these agents. Too much, too fast, you will be stepping backwards. Slow and low-potency introductions are important. To move forward with your skin radiance, introduce our Stamina Blemish Remedy Mask with both mechanical (berry microbeads that polish) and natural chemical (glycolic acid) exfoliators as well as hydrating botanic oils to your biweekly skin care routine.  Stamina MPP Mask’s immediate gratification of skin luminosity and softness has earned us our RAVING FANS!


Resetting our skin’s reactivity compass is crucial to overcoming skin issues. If you have fragile, challenging, problematic, stressed-out, sensitive skin type, then you likely have a difficult time adjusting to life alterations. No worries, we got you! Skin Stamina can be cultivated with these innovative skin care ingredients: melatonin and adaptogens. These are our skin’s superfoods. 

While oral melatonin helps us catch some Zs, topical melantonin, (ISDN Melatonik) is an essential assimilation enhancer. If applied nightly, it can balance our skin’s circadian rhythms, increase skin barrier and hydration, as well as revitalize us via anti-oxidant properties. 

Topical Adaptogens help our body’s natural defenses to counteract various inflammatory and emotional stress and environmental attacks. These ingredients are commonly Chinese, African, Ayurvedic -derived herbs, mushrooms, seeds, algae, etc. and can be as familiar as aloe or rosemary to more unique as reishi or ashwaganda. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and regenerative synergy promotes skin perseverance and a healthy glow. Cordyceps mushrooms, curcumin, gotu kola, and rheum rhaponticum are incredible skin adaptogens found in our Stamina Intention Moisturizer which helps to strengthen, brighten and smooth our skin even thought its constantly exposed to various noxious stimuli throughout our lifetime. Our Stamina Complex is a blend of botanical adaptogenic and antioxidant skin care ingredients which have the skin intention of fortifying and revitalizing skin. Hypochlorous Acid is our bodies’ naturally-derived adaptogen and a hero-ingredient in our calming mist, Stamina Mist. This Hypochlorous acid skin care Spray is our skin’s SUPERFUEL. Spritzing it throughout the day cleanses and calms the skin, delivering that #staminaglow. 


Restoring skin hydration and skin barrier with humectants and emollients is brilliant to revive skin wellness. Life transitions can lead to flaky, red, irritated skin appearance.  By introducing moisturizers with non-comedogenic ingredients such as humectants and emolliants such as hyaluronic acid, squalane, ceremides and glycerin  infused into our Stamina Intention Moisturizer, we quench skin thirst and reveal dewy complexion while avoiding troublesome pimples, white-heads, blackheads and milia. For supersentive individuals, consider reinforcing skin barrier with cica (aka gotu kola) repair products found in our moisturizer and (Cicabio by Bioderma), richer emollients (LaRochePosay Double Repair Moisturizer or Restore Healing Balm by Dr. Rogers with castor oil). Incorporating chemical-free sunscreen in our morning skincare regimen is also a smart idea to protect our skin against UV and infrared damage (EltaMD Replenish Sunscreen). Our adaptogenic and soothing Stamina Serum is ideal to restore the SKIN BALANCE and soothe visible redness and blemishes. 


Raising our mindset to understand that our skin is very much interconnected with our minds and the rest of our bodies will allow us to have a holistic perspective of our skincare. Integrating healthier lifestyle (well-balanced nutrition, supplements, exercise, check out Jennifer Hanaway @ArtofBeautyPodcast). Also consider working on stress management with meditation (@Calm) or mindful nature and/or art exploring. At Stamina Cosmetics we are also proponents of Integrative Skin Care Technique via mindful Skin Care Ritual encompassing much needed R&R. Our Stamina Skin Care products display Uplifting Affirmation to guide us toward more resilient Intentions. Breathe, relax, and recharge our energy as we enjoy our sensual, grateful, and fulfilling skin care routine. This will empower us with grit, grace, and wellness (#StaminaSynergy).

See more information on Integrative Skin Care and our Dose of Stamina wellness through skin care guidance.


Take care,


Founder & CEO of Stamina Cosmetics 


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