Stamina, Spirituality and Skin Care


What Does Spirituality have to do with Stamina and Skin Care you may ask?

Well, at Stamina Cosmetics, we strongly believe they are interwoven. As part of our #DoseofStamina Project we explore and share various healthy lifestyle habits that can improve our wellness. During our recent IGLive session, we discussed how our mind-body-emotions-spirit are linked. Our Founder, DR MBK and Ana Clara Cady, a spiritual guru, offered various views on spirituality, its benefits and ways to explore and practice it. We recognize that nurturing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimension of living are integral for holistic well-being.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a powerful belief in ethereal something beyond one self. This may be viewed and practiced in a formal religious method, believing in God or higher power. On the other hand, it can be non-traditional spiritual beliefs in a supernatural or sacred being and manifestations.

What are the Benefits of Spirituality?

Multiple scientific and spiritual authorities agree that spirituality is innately human quality. We are all drawn to the mystery of life and beyond. The benefits of practicing spirituality are versatile and many. These include Hope and Faith in the face of adversity and despair, Serenity in the turmoil of anxiety, Grace in interconnectedness with the beings and the world around us, as well as Integrity grounded in meaning and purpose of life.

How can Spirituality Elevate Stamina?

There are diverse ways of incorporating Spirituality into our lives that promote strength and endurance leading to Grit and Grace. In an excellent book, Resilience, Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges, Drs. Southwick and Charney clarify the scientific backing underlining spirituality’s contribution to fortitude.

How can Stamina® Synergy Enhance Wellness?

Since it's vital to nourish all four interlaced dimensions of wellness, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, we should figure out simple ways to embrace spiritual practices into our lives. 

Our human inclinations toward spiritualism are fascinating and varied. Hence, these practices are deeply personal and can stem from curious questioning, self-reflection, meditation, prayer, exercise, cooking, gardening, creative outlet of art, dance, singing, visualization, gratitude journaling, and many more.  

At Stamina Cosmetics we encourage a mindful integrative skincare, or Stamina® Synergy, is a potential way for someone to attain “spark of joy” and start their journey toward spiritual discovery. Our guided-meditations led by our founder, DR MBK, an Integrative Dermatologist, along with mental stamina affirmations on our products, may bring you to more balance and well-being. 

Stamina Synergy

Find out more about Stamina® Synergy and Integrative Skin Care. Whatever brings you closer to spiritual fulfillment we wish you the best. 

Be Well,