Hypochlorous Acid: Skin Care Magic in a Bottle

Hypochlorous Acid: Skin Care Magic in a Bottle

Hypochlorous Acid has become the media darling of 2020/2021, and rightfully so! Hypochlorous acid is known as the master oxidizer, and can kill microbes upon contact. This includes the tiny little bacteria behind acne breakouts and blemishes and maskne, otherwise known as c.acnes bacteria. Within the first 30 seconds of making contact with skin, this acne-causing bacteria is neutralized, and skin function is normalized. 

Hypochlorous acid is naturally created inside of our bodies by our white blood cells that is part of our body's first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. 

Hypochlorous acid is ideal for skin. While it is adept at oxidizing microbes, it is perfect for skin because our naturally-occuring antioxidants protect our skin cells, and help enhance the activity of HOCl. 

HOCl has its place in skin care, but it’s also widely used in healthcare and the food industry.

How Can Hypochlorous Acid Benefit Your Skin? 

The antimicrobial and restorative effects of HOCl make it useful for reducing maskne, but it’s also anti-inflammatory and soothing, which helps reduce redness and improve skin comfort and tolerance in conditions such as eczema and other facial dermatoses.  This is an excellent regimen addition for those with sensitive skin or looking to reduce sensitivities related to stress and environmental shifts. It is also fantastic as an alternative to hand sanitizers that won't disrupt the fragile microbiome of skin. Our HOCL comes as a maskne spray Stamina Mist. 

It is an Adaptogen

Adaptogens are substances that help balance the equilibrium of skin through pH, adapt to stress, and restore homeostasis. Our current lifestyle is generally comprised of less sleep, high stress, and more environmental overexposure. This causes change to the molecular level of skin, and requires us to allow more time and care in our skincare regimen to help our skin restores its delicate balance. 

The bottom line: Hypochlorous acid is one of those rare ingredient finds of the that just about everyone can benefit from in some way, shape, or form. 

How Else Is Hypochlorous Acid Used? 

Hypochlorous acid is used in many different ways, including prepping skin for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, for enhanced disinfecting and healing of wounds after procedures, helping heal bedsores, and soothing sensitive, over-irritated skin. 

Recently, it has risen in fame for its use as both a mask and hand sanitizer. HOCl, being the master oxidizer it is, finds and neutralizes the microbes that harm us. This is a dermatological wonder ingredient, because it can do so while restoring the health of our skin.

How Should You Use Hypochlorous Acid? 

Hypochlorous acid is a highly effective sanitizer, so we recommend adding it to your regimen each morning, and as-needed throughout the day to help reduce the skin conditions exacerbated by wearing masks. 

Our calming mist is easily carried with you throughout the day to spray as-needed for skin irritation, but can also be used to sanitize your face mask. HOCl is the master oxidizer, and can help you remain healthy as we navigate these challenging times. 

If you would like to learn more about Hypochlorous Acid in Skin Care, see this New Beauty article.

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