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Our Refreshing Stamina Mist is suitable for all skin types and various skin breakout, including sensitive or stressed-out skin. It contains gentle yet powerful adaptogen, Hypochlorous acid, that helps to promote skin resilience and radiance via cleansing, soothing and healing actions. If you struggle with skin blemishes, irritations, and reactive skin issues, Stamina Mist is your answer! 

This Stamina Mist is simple to use skin care. Just spray it on-the-go as desired throughout the day. Mist it on the skin at work, in school, after workout and while traveling to refresh and revitalize the skin. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Hypochlorous acid

Key Benefits:

    • Purifies and decongests pores
    • Soothes redness and irritations
    • Controls skin microbes
    • Reduces skin breakouts on the face and body
    • Restores skin balance and fortifies skin barrier
    • Improves skin clarity and complexion
    • Cleanses pre-procedure skin
    • Calms post-procedure fragile or sunburned skin

Stamina Synergy is achieved by practicing mindful skin care ritual with our Uplifting Affirmations while you enjoy the skin wellness benefits. "You Got This"

    Directions For Use:

      • Spray on facial and body skin as needed throughout the day to help calm, soothe, and heal blemishes
      • Spray directly on the mask to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for skin, think mask refresher!

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