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Wellness, Stamina & Skin Care

Currently, we are all becoming aware of the value of wellbeing and living a high quality of life with meaning. 

The conventional medical view focuses on treating disease and attaining health while the wellness perspective is a more holistic pursuit

Although our health is vital, it is a state of being, while wellness encompasses a time continuum with reflection on the past, mindful gratitude for the present and intention for the future. Ultimately it has a more preventative and comprehensive approach to living via certain activities, rituals and other #DosesofStamina healthy habits to improve our lives toward wellness.

Owning our self-responsibility for our lifestyle choices empowers our relationship with ourselves and others and connects us to wellness. Wellness also honors the multidimensional existence of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental interactions to generate balanced and fulfilling life.

“Around the world, there is growing interest in changing the way we take care of ourselves – not just our bodies, but also our minds, spirit, society, and planet. There is a growing impetus for a paradigm shift, a switch from mere reactivity – trying to treat or fix our problems – to a proactive and holistic approach to addressing and preventing the root causes of our personal and societal ills. This is what the wellness movement is all about” ( )

Stamina is that unique combination of courage, strength and endurance that is integral to encounter and overcome various challenges of life. It allows us to adapt, bounce back, thrive and inspire toward wellness. Furthermore, the individual with the greater wellness foundation, is also able to reach a higher level of stamina. Therefore, stamina and wellness are essentially interconnected and promote one another in an upward spiral ( )


Stamina Synergy

At Stamina® Cosmetics, we believe that a skincare ritual can bring us closer to wellness through mindful and affirmation-based ritual, termed #staminasynergy.

Did you know that our body’s stress-skin signals are actually bidirectional? Our psychological stress neurological, hormonal, and immunological signals interact and flow to our skin. In return, our skin reacts, presents, and replies to the rest of the body; and so on …, the stress communication loop continues. Emotionally we may feel worried and pressured. Mentally we may feel drained and unmotivated, and skin-wise we may have breakouts, blemishes, and irritations to tell the tension story.

Via mind-body strategies we can interrupt this vicious stress cycle and regain our skin-mind-body equilibrium. By connecting mindful experience to the skin care application we alter our neurological, endocrinological, immunological signals that communicate with the skin and potentially increase the skin care outcomes. Since our skin is not only a responsive organ, but a vital signaling system (aka 3rd brain) in return, it can send calming positive messages to improve our overall body’s wellbeing.  (

 Stamina Synergy

Wellness and Skin Care

By embracing the pleasant and present moment during the daily skincare habit, we can nourish the physical health and beauty of our skin as well as our emotional and mental well-being. During these Stamina Synergy sessions we hearten various mindful mind-body contemplative strategies including breathwork, meditation, affirmation and intentional inspiration toward wellness. This entryway or integration of cosmetics and wellness create an optimal synergy.

We hope you can recognize our best skincare intentions reflected in the Stamina Intention Moisturizer. By savoring it’s delectable ingredients and their transformation positive impacts on our skin’s health and beauty, we can make an extraordinary influence on our wellness, too.

Be well,


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