The Power of Affirmations & Skin Stamina

The Power of Affirmations & Skin Stamina

In the face of a constantly evolving fashion and cosmetic trend world, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all and feel good about yourself. But, maybe it’s time to shift your focus and look deeper into manifesting your way to not only clear skin, but also a clear mind.

If you’re not familiar with the term, yet; affirmations are positive statements that can have an uplifting mental/emotional/spiritual affect, especially in mood and energy. Affirmations and manifesting may not be your first thought when searching for a skin solution, but the mind is a powerful tool. ‘How does repeating daily affirmations result in a radiant complexion?’, you may be asking. The skin and mind are more entwined with each other than you might think. Affirmations can intersect emotional, mental, spiritual and wellness dimensions. Our Intention is to make stronger mind-body-skin connections to move us closer toward wellness, which can translate to overall stamina and happiness.

At Stamina Cosmetics affirmations are very dear to us and they are a true part of our brand identity. We believe that you can use affirmations as a part of your wellness journey WHILE practicing skincare. Affirmations belong to the realm of Positive Psychology. Positive statements lead to thought healing pathway in our brain (neuroplasticity). One of the most established experts on this topic is a psychologist, Dr. Rick Hanson, author of Resilient.

By reinforcing this repetitive positive thought, we are adding to the mind’s positive resource bucket and strengthening it to combat negative self-defeating thoughts. Therefore, consistent and intentional self-affirmation is mind’s key stress-buffering technique. When this practice is solidified by rewiring the brain to be more optimistic, it becomes enduring through established belief, improved self-perception and emotional well-being. With regular affirmation practice, positive intentions, emotions and believes, translate to better behavior, healthier lifestyle choices, and more resilient and happier life.

Daily, Beauty Affirmations you can implement into your life and routine:

  1. I’m grateful to my skin for protecting me, and in turn, I will take care of my skin.
  2. I feel comfortable in my own skin.
  3. My imperfections make me unique and beautiful.
  4. My natural beauty shines through.
  5. My skin glows with radiance and makes me feel beautiful.
  6. My skin is getting better and better every day.
  7. I eat food that nourishes my skin.
  8. I love my skin and I treat it with respect.
  9. I’m becoming more confident with my skin every day.
  10. My skin is healing.
  11. I love taking care of my skin.
  12. My skin is happy, healthy, calm, and balanced.
  13. My skin reflects my inner well-being.
  14. My skin has a healthy glow and is worthy of love.
  15. I’m healing my skin from the inside out.

Now, I challenge you, my dear reader, what affirmation can you repeat to yourself right now?  Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed,  are you worried about something you have to do later today, perhaps you have a poor automatic behavior you want to eliminate from your life. Whatever it may be, repeat one of the following empowering affirmations with our mindful skin care line, Stamina®️ Cosmetics. Try combining our adaptogenic ingredients, Stamina®️ Complex, with a mindful and self-affirming skin care ritual we call Stamina®️ Synergy. Can you see now how our Integrative Skin Care can enhance your skin resilience, brilliance and overall wellness. As the days pass, you will notice that self-affirmation will reduce your stress and help to motivate toward better lifestyle habits, physically and/or mentally.

  • You Got This 💪
  • Defy the Odds ❤️‍🩹
  • Glow with the Flow 🤩
  • Where Intention Goes, Healthy Skin Glows 😍

POV: Stamina Synergy with our Intention Moisturizer

  • Cleanse face, neck and décolletage with your favorite cleanser
  • Apply three pumps of Stamina Intention Moisturizer in hands
  • Rub together in hands to warm product
  • Bring hands to face and Breathe IN on the count of three (1-2-3)
  • Slowly Breathe Out on the count of five (1-2-3-4-5)
  • Continue 3-5 Deep Breathing as you are applying Intention Moisturizer
  • Starting at top of forehead, gently massage and smooth it on face, neck, and décolletage in a heart shape motion
  • While applying enjoy the refreshing aroma and texture of this skin moisturizer
  • State your affirmation softly, “Where Intention Goes, Healthy Skin Glows,” as you look at your-self in the mirror. Visualize the positive shift of your self-perspective
  • Repeat affirmation two more times
  • At the end of your mindful skin care session, reflect on any uplifting thoughts and/or feelings and/or sensations that have arisen for you. 
  • Express Gratitude, Namaste 🙏

Stamina Synergy

And, no matter what the case may be, always try to show gratitude by being mindful of the wonderful traits that you do possess. You’re more than your skin and showing love to the rest of you will begin to radiate from within. You Are Worth It!

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