Stress, Skin & Stamina


We all experience stress, a significant mental, emotional and/or physical strain on our well-being. This is often perceived as surpassing our adaptive capacity. Although we are aware that certain acute pressures are valuable because they nourish courage, strength and endurance, other pressures are detrimental to our quality of life, leading to burnout and despair. Inflated stress experienced during the Covid Pandemic was a vital impetus for the creation of Stamina® Cosmetics by our founder, DR. MBK. “I experienced and witnessed the terrible effects of stress on our skin’s health and our minds during the pandemic, and I wanted to be part of the larger solution.” - #dermwithstamina

Everyone’s threshold for stress and potential for resilience is uniquely different (aka unique Window of Tolerance). For certain people, its intrinsic factors such as hormonal alterations that can be a major stressor, while others its lifestyle influences such as poor sleep habits or nutritional choices and for others, its environmental triggers such as urban pollution or ultraviolet radiation exposure. Whichever individual influences that generate our stress, we all search for the best ways to cope with and overcome it, in order to thrive.

What is Stress?

Physiologically stress is interactions between the nervous, endocrine (hormonal) and immunological systems and is mainly coordinated by a hormone, cortisol. When our bodies are under stress, cortisol levels rise leading to multiorgan response. 

Currently, significant science demonstrates that chronically elevated cortisol levels from stress lead to metabolic abnormalities, psychological anxiety, flares of arthritis and asthma, cardiac disease, neurological disorders such as migraines, gut disturbances, as well as sleep and focus disturbances. Our skin is also an active participant in this stress cycle, amplifying or curbing its mediators and reflecting its impacts outwards. Since our skin is connected to our minds and the rest of our bodies, it's not surprising to recognize that stress enhances an inflammatory state in our skin, too. Therefore skin health is linked with mental health. 

Stress and Skin 

Skin inflammation can present as minor skin dryness, sensitivity and reactivity. Stressed skin is characterized by dullness, blotches or uneven complexion, dark under eye circles, textural roughness, as well as unpleasant sensations of stinging, burning and itching. Persons who are highly impacted by stress will usually describe their skin as problematic, fragile and commonly prone to breakouts, blemishes and irritations. These individuals generally have difficulties with life cadences such as circadian rhythms, monthly cycles, seasonal, travel or skin-care related transitions.  

Clinically, stress has been linked to skin dehydration by reducing formation of natural moisturizing lipids, increasing skin water loss and decreasing its retention, manifesting as lusterless and flaky skin. Stress also increases skin’s sebum (oil) production which clogs up the pores and together with rising stress-associated inflammatory factors precipitates in acne aka blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts.

Besides inflammation, long-term stress disrupts our skin barrier function as well as skin healing. In vulnerable individuals, it may lead to exacerbations of various skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema or dermatitis.

Internal and external stressors can also form various free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that overwhelm skin function and its regenerative power. This can be detrimental to the skin cell’s DNA and mitochondrial (metabolic center) maintenance, leading to premature skin aging. Early skin aging presents as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and laxity, irregular texture and uneven skin complexion.

If you would like to learn more about skin and stress, check out this scientific article . Since recurrent stress has a significant negative impact on skin health, beauty and overall wellness, what can we do about it?

How can Stamina and Wellness counteract stress?

Just like the fountain of youth, the perfect solution to stress remains elusive. However, recent research points to integrative medicine to pave the way to the answer. Since we recognized that stress is an interplay of multiple body systems and therefore, it affects us holistically, the ultimate way to meet its challenge is through a wellness pathway. Traditional medical approach is through reactive system-focused treatments. Alternative medicine seeks to complement with more natural, Eastern and self-healing methods. Wellness integrates the traditional, alternative and preventative therapies in pursuit of a more comprehensive and sustainable solution to stress.  

Wellness is defined by The Global Wellness Institute as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. One of the integral missions of Stamina® Cosmetics is to inspire wellness through skin-care. We pursue this mission through Stamina® Complex, Stamina®  Synergy and a healthy Dose of Stamina®.

Our mission at Stamina Cosmetics is to help our skin overcome the challenging skin stressors and life cadences. This is achieved by uniting skin care and wellness through the adaptogenic and integrative skin care routines as well as the healthy dose of stamina.


Our skincare is curated by a dermatologist, DR. MBK, and has a blend of clean, effective adaptogenic ingredients, Stamina® Complex, which enhance skin stamina and equilibrium to counteract skin stress. Hypochlorous acid, found in our Stamina Calming Mist and Stamina Sleeping Serum, is a powerful adaptogen with cleansing and calming capabilities to reduce skin breakouts, blemishes, and irritations of stressed skin. Skin adaptogenic superfoods like Guarana, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Curcumin, Cordyceps, Tamanu oil, etc., found in our Stamina MPP Mask and Stamina Intention Moisturizer hydrate, energize and restore skin balance to mature, tired and vulnerable skin. The goal of Stamina® Cosmetics’ unique ingredients is to enhance the best skin resilience and brilliance. Please visit our skincare store for a dose of skin radiance and grace.

When using our skin products, we encourage an affirmation-based, sensually-mindful, meditative skin-care practice termed Stamina® Synergy, to advance our skin-mind connection and wellness.

Stamina Synergy

Finally, DR. MBK promotes wellness via healthy #DoseofStamina mission. These are IGLive sessions @staminacosmetics, where she co-hosts with diverse healthy lifestyle and holistic medicine experts who share wisdom pearls to elevate our stamina and wellness.

Be Well,