Clean Skin Care


Fact of Trend? Clean skin-care seems to be a catchy terminology for many cosmetic brands these days. So, how meaningful is Clean Beauty and what does it mean to us at Stamina Cosmetics®?

Clean Beauty in @staminacosmetics skin-care is about including safe and strong ingredients while avoiding harmful chemicals for our health as well as our environment. Generating Clean Cosmetics is one of our pillar missions!

Therefore, Stamina® Beauty Complex is FREE of potentially hazardous chemicals such as: oxybenzone, pthalates, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, formaldehyde, parabens and sulfates.

For instance, oxybenzone is environmentally damaging to our coral reef ecosystem, sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant can induce skin eczema and acne, methyl or propyl parabens preservative can be a hormone disruptor and carcinogenic as well as harmful to marine ecology, pthalates skin softener can be a reproductive disruptor and carcinogenic, mineral oil and paraffin thickeners can cause acne and allergic skin reactions, synthetic fragrances (petrochemicals, benzene, aldehyde) can cause allergic reactions and be hormone and/or neurological disruptors, PEGs (polyethylene glycols) are softener thickeners which can cause skin irritation and aquatic ecotoxicity and formaldehyde is a very allergenic preservative. 

Although it is not easy to dismiss these skin care synthetic toxins in cosmetic creation, we are doing our best to stay skin-friendly and eco-friendly. So based on our commitment at Stamina® Synergy to wellness, we are saying, “No Thank You!”

Optimal ingredients for clean skin care are natural and sustainable and are usually plant-based botanicals. However not every synthetic skin care ingredient is harmful for our skin wellbeing and Earth. Balancing safe and effective synthetic as well as natural ingredients is the ultimate purpose of Best Skin-Care. 

Certain synthetic agents, such as safer preservatives, maintain the longevity of skin care products avoiding microbe contamination and potentially dangerous skin infection. This product preservation also elevates clean skin care sustainability. In addition, certain synthetic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, and hypochlorous acid that mimic the body's naturally derived molecules are very effective for skin harmony and health.

Furthermore, not everything natural or organic skin ingredient is ideal and healthy for our skin. For instance, flavoring naturals such as vanilla or mint, or super-concentrated essential oils such as lemongrass or sandalwood can be very allergenic in certain individuals. 

So what is the best blend of clean skin ingredients for the Skin Stamina, Grace and Wellness? We recommend using green, hypoallergenic, medical-grade adaptogenic ingredients, found in our Stamina Cosmetics®

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