3 Tips for a More Joyful and Healthy Skin

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While we’re out there making things happen, chasing dreams, and getting caught up in the responsibilities of life, we often miss taking the time for important personal care rituals – particularly our skincare routine. Yet, that integrative skin care maybe just be the essential grounding habit which keeps our skin balance and our wellness anchored. As we reflect on skin care during November and National Healthy Skin Month, we’d like to give you some practical tips to bring your skin resiliency, brilliance, and keep it healthy and young.

Here are our 3 tips to a simple and smart skin care routine:

1. Commitment to Consistent Skin Care Routine
Consistency is key. We’ve all heard this saying and as overused as it may be, it’s true in so many aspects of our lives and that includes skincare. Between countless other responsibilities in our life, it’s tough to consistently complete a skincare routine every morning and every night, but here are a few tips to stick to your routine:
    •  Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! If ever there were a product you should absolutely be sure to put on every day, it would be sunscreen. Make it Accessible! Place your skincare products in a spot where you will go every day. You can leave your sunscreen at the doorway so you see it each time you leave the house in the morning and can quickly apply it. You can also leave your products near your toothbrush (you won’t forget to brush in the morning, so that you’re reminded to also take care of your skin, too. This is called habit stacking and it's an effective way to combo habits for best and consistent results!
    • Moisturizer is essential to everyday skin wellness. Moisturizing daily is important to protect and repair our skin barrier, critical for our skin health and beauty! Our Intention Moisturizer with powerful botanical skin adaptogens which advance skin resilience and radiance and keep skin youthful long term! 
2. Choosing Skin Care Wisely
You want to choose products that are clean, safe, effective, and enjoyable. Both Dr. MBK and Dr. Casey are board-certified dermatologists who carefully researched and selected their skincare ingredients to include everything that your skin needs, and nothing that it doesn’t. 
    • Keep it simple and smart. We are always running on a clock, but you really don’t need much time for skincare whatsoever! All your skin regularly needs is a cleanser, a face wash, and a moisturizer. A mistake we often make is having too many products that are primarily serving the same purpose or overlaying the skin and that can cause skin breakouts and skin irritations. 
      • We encourage you to start your skin care habits early in pre-teens to keep skin healthy and radiant throughout your lifetime! 
      • AM: Gentle cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen every morning 
      • PM: Cleansing and moisturizing nightly 
    • Choose smart, healthy, clean ingredients.  Just as you would read the labels on food products, you need to also question the products being applied to your skin, especially those with fragile skin, vulnerable skin, or sensitive skin. It is vital that you minimize harm to your skin, so we suggest putting down any product that contains Paraben, Sulphates, Mineral Oils, synthetic fragrances or petroleum distillates. In your sunscreen, you should be sure that there is UVA and UVA protection, and mineral Zinc and Titanium Oxide. SPF 30+ with broad spectrum coverage reduces risk of skin cancer, sunburn and skin aging. 

3. Holistic Approach to Skin

Radiant skin begins from within, and healthy habits need to be integrated into your life to make a difference in health, skin, and fulfillment. A healthy lifestyle includes sufficient sleep, quality nutrition, and regular movement and mindfulness – all of which can improve skin health and beauty, and wellness, overall. 

    • Eat Healthily. Eat food that is good for your skin. Sticking to nutritious (rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain carbs, high fiber legumes, omega-3 rich nuts, seeds and avocados) whole foods and avoiding the junk will make your skin glow with internal health. You should also practice taking notice of how quickly you eat. It is important that we be mindful of slowing down our pace and allowing the body to properly digest the food. This will balance your gut microbes and make your digestive and skin systems synergistically healthier. 
    • Skip the snooze button (if you can!). Sleep has proven to lower anxiety, reduce inflammation, and help maintain a healthy mind and body. Our skin needs some downtime just like we do. Once we go to sleep our skin switches to recovery mode and it’s an important time for repair and regeneration. Getting some shut eyes isn’t just a stress-reliever for our body, but for our skin too. Before bedtime, you may want to amplify your skin’s rest by spritzing and applying our dynamic breakouts fighting and skin recovery duo, Stamina Calming Mist and Sleeping Serum.  Both of these contain hypochlorous acid skin care ingredients with skin intention to strengthen and heal our skin barrier.
    • Movement. You may have considered physical activity only in the context of something you do to keep your heart strong and to maintain weight, but regularly moving your body also plays a vital role in skin health and appearance. Exercise not only increases blood flow to the skin creating radiant skin, it also gives you a time of day to appreciate the ability to move and, if you choose to take a walk, and be grateful for the natural splendor of the outdoors.
    • Stamina Synergy. At Stamina Cosmetics, we believe that a skincare ritual can bring us closer to wellness through mindful and affirmation-based ritual. By practicing integrative skin care, we enjoy the mindful part of skincare more – savor the senses, appreciate ingredients, take the time to honor yourself and your self-worth. We reward ourselves for so many other things in our lives, but we need to look in the mirror as we apply skin care, give ourselves high five affirming our strength, health and beauty. This moment will not only be helpful to relax and destress which elevates our mental-emotional stamina, but also in turn, enhance our skin stamina and grace. One of our favorite’s for this meditative skin care practice is our Stamina Blemish Remedy MPP Mask with the Stamina Complex, a blend of adaptogenic skin care which enhances that Stamina Glow!

By Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, aka DR MBK Founder of Stamina® Cosmetics and Dr. Angela Casey, Founder of Bright Girl Beauty

Follow both @staminacosmetics and @brightgirlbeauty to watch the recording of the fascinating conversation on this topic at our Dose of Stamina IGLIVE session (posted on November 1, 2022). We touch upon skin barrier, pH balance, skin water content, microbe balance, adaptogens, SPF, and emollients to help to strengthen and improve wellbeing of our skin.