5 Reasons

Why This Product Is Stomping Maskne

Neutralize Bacteria That Causes Maskne

Sweat and moisture buildup underneath your mask can cause bacterial overgrowth, resulting in breakouts! The Maskne Calming Mist works to equilibrate the microbes that cause acne, providing a healthy balance for a clearer complexion.

Uplifting Affirmations On Every Bottle & Adaptogenic Power Synergy, You Got This 💪

Boost mental stamina during your skin care ritual with positive affirmations on every bottle. You can restore skin’s natural barrier with medical grade adaptogen, hypochlorous acid, while also exercising positive mental health. In doing so, the skin becomes brighter, clearer, and stronger.

Formulated by a Board-Certified Dermatologist

The Maskne Calming Mist was formulated by Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, aka Dr. MBK. She is regularly featured in news and beauty magazines, known for her expertise in treating Maskne and other forms of challenged, problematic, or tired skin. 

Spray Your Mask, or Face and Body Directly

Maintain a safe and healthy environment for your skin by simply spraying your mask with the mist before putting it on. Spray your face or body directly to help heal blemishes and soothe irritations throughout the day.

Pay In 4 Easy Interest-Free Payments 

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